Last Train to Danville By R.M. Morgan

Murder Mystery, Crime/Detective, Action/Adventure

For 135 years a Confederate treasure has laid buried. Digger, Don Gannon’s childhood friend, is murdered. His fiancée vows to avenge his death. Harriett Roth masterminds a search for the killer and the lost gold.

Prepare to board the Last Train to Danville, for a thrilling journey through U.S. Civil War history and a present-day mystery tour with surprises around each bend. Don Gannon is in for the ride of his life in this race to find the killer and to satisfy Roth’s lust for gold.

Last Train to Danville is the second novel in the Roth/Gannon Murder/Mystery series, centered on the principal characters of Harriett Roth, the master sleuth, and Don Gannon, her right-hand man.

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Cherokee Emerald, by R.M. Morgan

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