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Murder/Mystery Fiction Novel – “Cherokee Emerald” By R. M. Morgan

Murder/Mystery Fiction Novel

Cherokee Emerald”

By R. M. Morgan

July 28. 2021

(Houston, Texas) We are proud to present the third book in R. M. Morgan’s acclaimed Roth/Gannon Murder/Mystery series, Cherokee Emerald. This is a captivating page-turner that you will not be able to put down. This story has its roots in one of the darkest chapters of US history, the 1838 deportation of the ‘civilized’ Cherokee nation from its homelands in North Carolina and Georgia, following the discovery of gold in the area and the disputed Treaty of New Echota. The timing of the deportation in the fall and winter, going over the same route previously used to deport other tribes, resulted in a massive death rate with some 4,000 lost and earned this deportation the moniker ‘The Trail of Tears’.

The story begins with a newlywed Cherokee huntsman and farmer named Waya as he trudges westward on his way to the Indian Territories. It is December 1838. He carries with him a secret, the location of a magnificent natural treasure, a large emerald of the deepest green, buried on the farm of the one white man he trusts, his brother-in-law Ian McDonald. The location of the treasure is shown on a pair of hand-drawn maps. Waya hoped that someday he would be able to return and reclaim his treasure. After many weeks of suffering and losing contact with his young wife, Waya is overtaken by three horsemen looking for that map.

  1. M. Morgan has crafted an all-action masterpiece that melds the Cherokee history of North Carolina with the present day. A story about families who cannot escape from their shared past, filled with deceit, danger, and determination.

3rd Coast Books’ Associate Publisher Ian Gorman said “R. M. Morgan has produced another classic detective novel entwining his love for his home state of North Carolina, its Cherokee history and a diverse array of engaging characters. I am sure Cherokee Emerald will receive rave reviews from readers and critics alike.”

3rd Coast Bookss will promote Cherokee Emerald to executive producers in the Movie industry for adaptation into a feature film. We doubt seriously that a story this unique and thought-provoking will be on the table for very long and invite inquiries from interested parties.


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