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What Piques the Interest of Publishers, Literary Agents & Editors?

In 2018 3rd Coast Books, LLC, sent questionnaires to aspiring writers and authors asking them what they would like to ask Publishers, Literary Agents, Editors, Successful Authors, and Book Reviewers. After compiling the questions, 3rd Coast contacted several Top...

What Love in the COVID-19 Days

Paul A. Wagner Ph.D. Professor and Department Chair Leadership and Policy Analysis University of Houston – Clear Lake A Guest Blog written by 3rd Coast Author of Love Trauma and its sequel Beyond Love Trauma The heroism of health professionals, first responders, and...

40% Publishing Royalties Very Rare

The State of Book Publishing from Our Perspective If you’re trying to publish your work with one of the Big Five Publishers, I have bad news for you. Publishers are overwhelmed with submissions. You lose control over your product. You have to hire an agent to...

Movie Deal: “Putin’s Useful Idiot”, by Kenyon Kane

For Immediate ReleaseContact: 3rdCoastBooks, LLC - [email protected]@3rdCoastbooks.com469-682-8572Movie Deal: “Putin’s Useful Idiot”, by Kenyon Kane “The Accountant” meets “The Spy Who Loved Me”(Houston, TX, May 18, 2020)...

False Awakening by Arianna Fox

False Awakening by Arianna Fox“To the world it will be a surprise How a smart man will succeed and rise And you must stop him at all cost Or hope will eternally be lost. He wants a new world – his very own When his company has fully grown.” Chris Coleman, a man,...

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Authors no longer have to choose between traditional and self-publishing. A 3rd option has emerged and is gaining ground called “Hybrid Publishing” which fuses the best aspects of both… —Publisher’s Weekly article at this link.

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After submitting query letters to a hundred literary agents without one representing my book, I have succeeded with 3rd Coast Books. 3rd Coast Books read my whole novel, accepted it, edited and prepared it for publication, and published Crown Hunt within three months.

I paid this Hybrid Publisher a sensible sum and, over the subsequent six months, they haven’t asked for a penny more. They provided solid professional guidance and support to help me shape my book, but they also give me creative flexibility. They put their publishing contacts and marketing know-how behind Crown Hunt to give me a better chance of success than I would expect as a novice, self-published author. I recommend them without proviso.