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“Kapaun’s Battle” – The Story of The Most Decorated Chaplain in U.S. Army History

“Kapaun’s Battle” — Print Book Release, August 4, 2021. Kindle #1 New Release! Kindle Best Seller! The Story of The Most Decorated Chaplain in U.S. Army History August 4, 2021 (Houston, TX/Cardiff, U.K.) Capt. (Father) Emil J. Kapaun, born April 20, 1916, near Pilsen,...

Cherokee Emerald by R.M. Morgan

In Macon County, North Carolina, an old Cherokee legend asserts a magnificent emerald lies hidden on a farm that has been in the hands of the same family for generations. Now the McDonald family and their farm are being targeted by intruders unknown. In desperation,...

Putin’s Useful Idiot by Kenyon Kane

It’s Putin’s side of Moscow, but it’s 1984 when it was the Soviet Union, the USSR, the CCCP, before the Russian Federation, when the hammer and sickle on the red flag meant something sinister and threatening. Back then, Moscow was fresh to Americans, and alluring, our...

How Do I Prevent Writer’s Block

Writing a book is to embark on a journey. If you know your final destination, you’ll get there… eventually. If you have no destination you may find yourself lost in the forest going in circles or in the middle of a calm and breezeless ocean. This is when writer’s...

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Authors no longer have to choose between traditional and self-publishing. A 3rd option has emerged and is gaining ground called “Hybrid Publishing” which fuses the best aspects of both… —Publisher’s Weekly article at this link.

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I paid this Hybrid Publisher a sensible sum and, over the subsequent six months, they haven’t asked for a penny more. They provided solid professional guidance and support to help me shape my book, but they also give me creative flexibility. They put their publishing contacts and marketing know-how behind Crown Hunt to give me a better chance of success than I would expect as a novice, self-published author. I recommend them without proviso.