Almost Everything You Wanted to Know about Pickleball but Were Afraid to Ask by Karen Strine

Are you ready to join the Pickleball craze, the wildly addictive racket (or paddle) sport that is taking over the USA and the world? Author Karen Strine, a confessed Pickleball junkie, invites you to explore the history of the sport and its hilarious effects on players’ lives. You’ll discover how Pickleball was born out of a rainy day boredom and how it can turn mild-mannered people into fierce competitors, with sometimes comical results. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll enjoy this witty and informative guide to the sport that is changing lives one paddle at a time…

As you enjoy this book please keep in mind the following from the Author: 

WARNING: “Nothing in this book is professional pickleball advice. Don’t try anything suggested here at home without a responsible adult present!” — She means it!

“This book is mostly intended for fun. It offers some tips on how to get started playing. There’s also a plethora of pickleball ‘cult information’ for all you diehards who are obsessed with the game and just can’t get enough of all things pickleball.

“Also, beware of the addictive quality of the sport. It can happen to anyone! After Phil Mickelson invited Doug Ellin to play, he later stated, “One of the great regrets of my life,” Ellin says, “is that I didn’t find this sport earlier. I literally want every person in the world to play this game.” You will view life as life before pickleball (LBP) and life after pickleball (LAP).

“As you read through the book, if you find a pickleball term you don’t understand, check out the appendices at the back for simple (and silly) clarifications of pickleball terminology and some good resource information.

“Now that I’ve explained all that, I wish you happy reading, and hope that you enjoy this book about pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in the country and world! And remember, you might be playing with or against the doctor who read your mammogram or performed your prostate exam, or your hairdresser on a bad hair day. But you’ll have fun!

“An openhanded portion of proceeds (from sales of this book) will be donated to pickleball charities.”