Manuscript Format

There are certain guidelines for formatting a manuscript, and at 3rd Coast Books we are no exception to the rule.

Remember you as the Author are responsible for presenting 3rd Coast Books with a fully edited (for both conceptual / developmental and grammar) manuscript. When sending your manuscript to have an edit or a critique done, you should also follow these guidelines. If you have concerns about whether your editing is up to par, please contact our Managing Editor, Faye Walker, for a referral to a professional editor whom we have vetted, on the Contact Us Page.

  1. Your manuscript should be set up as a Word file or as a RTF file
  2. Most will also want a hard copy of the manuscript on 8.5″ by 11″ white paper, printed on one side only, with 1-inch margins all around
  3. Body type should be 12 point Times New Roman, black
  4. Title page with all your contact info included
  5. Page one of all chapters should start roughly a third of the way down the page
  6. Double or 1 1/2 line-spacing, left justified
  7. Paragraphs indented 0.5 inch (use a tab not spaces)
  8. Place *** between each scene inside of a chapter
  9. If you have a nonfiction title, please ask for specific directions