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Montalvo Media/Three Sixty Studios Signs Movie Agreements with 3rd Coast Books

Unprecedented Producer/Publisher Franchise Agreement

(Montgomery, TX) Montalvo Media/Three Sixty Studios and 3rd Coast Books are excited to announce an unprecedented franchise agreement between a major movie producer and an innovative book publisher. This visionary cooperation proposed by 30+ year filmmaker Keith Barrows, head of Montalvo Media, will supply the Movie/Film/TV industry with great content from stories by exciting 3rd Coast authors and propel them onto the silver screen entertaining viewers all around the world.

Executive Producer Keith Barrows said, “Montalvo Media and 360 Studios (Hollywood, CA) are excited to embark on a new franchise agreement with 3rd Coast Books of Montgomery, Texas. We begin this agreement by kicking off pre-production preparations of Crown Hunt, a murder-mystery by California author R.M. Morgan, Gray Justice, an action thriller/courtroom drama,by Texas author Ron W. Mumford and Memoirs of a Fighter (the Movie scheduled for later this year), by Donald DeNoyer… which will soon be published as a book by 3rd Coast Books.”

You can see Montalvo Media/Keith Barrows film credits on his IMDb (Internet Movie Database) page at and check out other books by 3rd Coast Books at

Crown Hunt , by R.M. Morgan, is an international murder mystery, featuring protagonist, Don Gannon, a “sleuth for the truth” private detective employed by the Harriett Roth Investigative Agency. Roth is a tough employer and willing to take gambles to recover a priceless Silla Dynasty treasure found 50 years ago during the Korean War.  Don’t even try to guess the ending. It will hit you in the face! The logline that caught Mr. Barrow’s eye was: China Town (Jack Nicholson) meets Three Kings (George Clooney).

Gray Justice, by Ron W. Mumford, is a novel about changing the rules to win the war on drugs. Texas Assistant U.S. Attorney, Judd Rayburn works with Zuni Indian F.B.I. Special Agent, Joe Feather and the first female Top Gun winner, Rikki Rhine, to initiate some real gray justice to bring top drug cartel members to trial. Working with the old-school La Cosa Nostra mob bosses, who hate drugs, this unlikely trio wage war utilizing some unorthodox methods including forming their own mercenary force called “The Jury.” So what’s the unimaginable ending? No more drugs entering the U.S, legitimizing organized crime families and draining the swamp in Washington, D.C.? Maybe, maybe not. After all, it’s all about the money!

Ian Gorman, U.K. based Associate Publisher and 3rd Coast Books Partner said, “During this time of ‘social distancing’ caused by the on-going Covid-19 outbreak, I cannot think of a better way to offset the boredom of self-isolation than reading a good book or two. Both Crown Hunt and Gray Justice are now set to become movies as a result of our recently secured association with our new Hollywood producer partners. We look forward to publishing Memoirs of a Fighter shortly.”

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