Mystery in the Bowels of the Earth


Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Religious – Other

Dan is an academically gifted high school student from a small town in New York State. When Dan’s father is invited to speak at a solar power conference in Israel, Dan persuades his father that he deserves to accompany him on the trip, along with his school friend Sue. Left to their own devices, the young couple explores Jerusalem’s ‘Old City’ where they purchase an insignificant-looking notebook from a young street peddler, little realizing the secrets it holds or the adventure they are about to enter into.

The book turns out to be a mysterious, hand-written journal with magical powers. Dan and Sue take the diary to the Hebrew University in search of someone who can translate it. There they meet Professor Alon, who identifies that the journal is in-fact a diary written in Ancient Hebrew. He offers to help our young couple but tells them they need to track down the young peddler to discover its origin.

Their quest leads our adventurers to a handsome foreigner who claims to own the diary but does not want to share its secrets. When they see the foreigner again a few days later things start getting weird …

From Israeli Author Yossi Soika and originally published in 2015 but now extended, re-edited, and republished by 3rd Coast Books.

Yossi has completed the second novel in the series and is working on the third installment.

Yossi Soika

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