Authors have goals; to be a Best Seller. Authors also have dreams; to have their book made into a Film or TV scripted or unscripted documentary for all the world to see their work on film.

3rd Coast Books, a hybrid publisher, markets our author books to approximately 500 Producers (in Hollywood and Indies), directors and development personnel through personal emails.

So, how can you or a knowledgeable publisher get your work before the Film/TV industry?

Here’s a link to a great article explaining the “ins & outs” to getting your book made into a movie: Go to the link Here

Take time to read it carefully. What you will see is that

  1. You do not need a literary agent since they only represent “sure things” in Best Selling books with a large established following and
  2. You and a publisher can put your work in front of Film/TV producers, directors and development personnel in the Hollywood and Indie market with a lot of work and patience.

Why patience? Hollywood films often take 5-10 years to come to fruition. Indie filmmakers can secure financing, produce a Film or TV documentary in 2-3 years. There is a HUGE lack of content in the Film/TV distribution market nowadays in all genres.

Hollywood mostly depends on movie theaters across the globe to distribute their films and has so many barriers to entry that I could write a separate blog on that alone. Indie producers are wide open to viewing ideas and have distribution through so many On-Line film distributors such as Netflix (140 million paid subscribers), HULU, FX, A&E, Hallmark, The History Channel, Nat Geo Channel and the list goes on…

Feature films or TV documentaries can turn unknown authors into best sellers with proper marketing. Using Netflix as an example, if seven of every 10,000 subscribers bought your book due to a movie/documentary catching their attention, you would sell one million books.

There is no secret in doing this. You just have to have a publisher that is willing to take a chance on your manuscript, do a great job of editing, use award winning cover artists and then have outside book marketers get the word out on your published book which is placed on Amazon. Amazon has world-wide distribution.

3rd Coast Books (.com) does all of this and more. We send our authors a template to adapt their book into a registered Screen Treatment which is registered with the Writers Guild of America West, for your protection. Once authors fill this out, 3rd Coast Books places the treatment on our website and begins the marketing process to the Film/TV industry.

Does this marketing work? In eight weeks, from the time of promoting one of our author books, Have You Seen A Dark-Haired Man with Burning Eyes?…we were contacted by a major producer in New York and had a signed first agreement for Film/TV rights. Your book can be next!

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