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U.S. National Laboratories Should Provide More Cybersecurity to Nation

April 19, 2022

Coming Soon From 3rd Coast Books!

Cyberwars, David Knight Goes to Moscow

By Dr. Avraham Shama

(Houston, TX/Wales, U.K.) This book is fiction based on True Events.

The seventeen National Laboratories must do a better job securing the nation’s cyberspace the way they did on the Manhattan Project that brought WWII to an end,” said Avraham Shama, Ph.D. discussing his new book on the subject. Shama is a professor at the University of New Mexico and a specialist on Russia who has done work for Sandia National laboratories, Los Alamos National laboratory, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He concluded that the U.S. cybersecurity efforts of the Labs are “a hodgepodge of centers and uncoordinated programs.”

             The National Laboratories, whose mission is to enhance the security of the country, have an impressive annual budget of $13B and employ over 70,000, many of whom are cutting-edge scientists. In the past, these labs made Americans feel secure. No longer. According to a Joint Senate Committee, Russia meddled in our 2016 and 2020 presidential elections and attacked thousands of American businesses and public organizations.

            The Labs have the skills to provide the scope, depth, and direction to the nation’s cybersecurity needs and assist the agencies of HLS, CISA, DOE and DOD in developing a coherent cybersecurity policy and weapons to assure the continued wellbeing of the U.S. “Without such a policy, we could lose what makes us America,” Shama concluded. His book, Cyberwars: David Knight Goes to Moscow, will be published by 3rd Coast Books in May, 2022 and will be available on Amazon and most anywhere books are sold.

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