May 18, 2022

(Houston, TX/Wales, U.K.)  Z-Gen, the Last Generation is a Christian fantasy book trilogy that takes the characters and readers to dimensions never before written about or conceived. For the first time, demons actually do battle with human souls guided by a guardian angel named Gordon (as in guardian) who has the unknown earthly form of a 100 year old, “Mr. Bo Jangles” type black blues singer. Some of the demons faced in this dimension called Betwixt (title of Book 2) are actually funny. Some are scary and all are liars and deceivers that put characters to the test of a lifetime. Gordon is always present to enforce the very few rules of engagement in the battles…for human souls or salvation.

“Whereas the first two books of the Wayne’s Angel trilogy had scenes from other dimensions, Z-Gen takes place on Earth with the emerging presence of Helel, son of Dr. Helle Guyion, the most evil woman on the planet. Helel is actually the much prophesied Son of Perdition,” said Ian Gorman, Co-Publisher of 3rd Coast Books, LLC. “This trilogy ends where the Left Behind series, by Jerry Jenkins and Tim La Haye began and leads up to the beginning of the seven year tribulation period.

Author Ron W. Mumford has been a Bible teacher for over 20 years and focuses on end time’s prophecies. The Wayne’s Angel trilogy, although fantasy, is biblically correct using ancient false gods for demon characters with all their horrid traits. This trilogy is not a horror series. It is more of a teaching series for current struggles people have, how they deal with them and a look to the future.

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