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Producer Development Agreement Signed for Future Film/TV Production

***For Immediate News Release***

February 13, 2020

Producer Development Agreement Signed for Future Film/TV Production

Crown Hunt by R.M. Morgan

Genre: Murder Mystery

(Montgomery (Houston,TX) A Producer Development Agreement has been signed by 3rd Coast Books, LLC on R. M. Morgan’s murder/mystery thriller, Crown Hunt with a well-known, accomplished producer based in Los Angeles, CA and in London, UK.

The Logline that caught the producer’s eye was China Town (Jack Nicholson) meets Three Kings (George Clooney). You can see the Screen Treatment at www.3rdCoastBooks.com.

Short synopsis of the book; In the Korean War, S. Korean soldiers unearth the ancient Silla Dynasty treasure containing billions of dollars-worth of precious stones, gold and a Crown worth millions. The small group of S. Korean soldiers who discovered the treasure form a pact of secrecy to smuggle the treasure to the United States. Fifty years later the secret is out. People begin to die giving up information on where the treasure is being hidden. The South Korean government wants what is rightfully theirs. Psychopathic killers appear and steal the treasure. Enter The Harriett Roth Investigative Agency, hired by the old soldiers who smuggled the treasure to the United States to seek out the killers and recover the massive treasure. For obvious reasons, the smugglers did not want the U.S. government involved.

Some readers have said, “R.M. Morgan is a modern-day Mickey Spillane the way he weaves his story and skillfully makes the treasure hunt a fantastic journey and adventure for his readers with an ending no one could have seen coming.”

“R.M. Morgan’s first book in the Harriett Roth mystery series of detective novels introduces Don Gannon, a likeable P.I. who works for an interesting lady, Harriett Roth. The story takes Don to S. Korea and back to North Carolina, blending two cultures in a search for missing historical artifacts…and a killer.” Jacquelyn Hanson, author of Matilda’s Story.

3rd Coast Books Publisher Ron Mumford said, “I can’t believe how fast this exciting story was picked up by producers. We had several producers interested from the get-go but one stepped up and said, ‘I want the rights now!’”

R.M. Morgan worked as an engineer in both the U.S. Government and academia. In his job, he investigated mysteries like a detective, unraveling the physics of car crashes to establish how to better save passengers and drivers. He currently lives in northern California with his family. His second book in the series, Last Train to Danville, another treasure hunt mystery for Confederate Gold will be released in March 2020.

Crown Hunt is available on Amazon (click on link or picture below): https://www.amazon.com/Crown-Hunt-R-M-Morgan/dp/1946743224/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3U5KPKQ0R1LZZ&keywords=crown+hunt&qid=1581364821&s=books&sprefix=crown+hunt%2Cstripbooks%2C221&sr=1-1

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