Love Trauma: Separation To post Divorce (VOLUME 1)

by Dr. Paul A. Wagner

Logline: Resurrection: Rising from the Death of a Relationship.

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self Help, Relationships, Marriage & Divorce.

Dr. Wagner’s Love Trauma compassionately explores the mighty divide that opens up when divorce or separation happens. His thorough and patient dissection of that divide allows divorcees to recognize the demons that keep us from getting beyond the divorce, the pitfalls of various post-divorce behaviors, and the procedures we can take to move past the pain. His examination of the divorcee’s viewpoint works like magic to make us feel we are not alone and indeed, that many people suffer the same kinds of indignities after divorce. But the examples of those who have got beyond it lift our spirits and make us believe surviving Love Trauma is possible.

Chapters include:

  • The Fight—Who is the enemy? Putting on the gloves, The Need to Fight, Fighting the Right Fight.
  • The Furies—dealing with hate, anger, guilt, jealousy, and fear
  • The Victory—knowing you’ve beat your true enemies
  • From Loneliness to Aloneness—the essential move
  • Wonderment—an ingredient of happiness
  • Finding a Home—dealing with substance and alcohol abuse, workaholism, reclusiveness, and promiscuity