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Gray Justice, by Ron W. Mumford Press Release

July 4, 2018

Gray Justice, by Ron W. Mumford

(An end to Drugs, Organized Crime & Drains the Swamp in D.C.)

(Houston, TX/Wales, U.K.) Many books have been written about ending the war on drugs. None have succeeded. The Logline for Gray Justice tells the story in short form: Dirty Harry teams with The Godfather to bend the law around Scarface.

After reading this book, a U.S. Attorney said the following: “If the situations lined up and the Department of Justice had the fortitude to carry it out…It would work!”

Author Ron W. Mumford said, “Sometimes people, especially in law enforcement, just get fed up with losing to cartels and drug dealers. Current policies are failing. Time for some Gray Justice! Making new rules to pursue an end to drugs and organized crime. It’s all about the money!”

Protagonist Judd Rayburn, U.S. Attorney, his BFF Special Agent Joe Feather, Zuni Indian and former Special Forces team up with a fearless Top Gun winner, lady Navy aviator and NCIS agent, Rikki Rhine to carry out their plan. Their tactics stretch the rules of justice and put themselves in horrid danger. The “Brotherhood of the Bullet” scene between 50 top Cartel bosses and La Cosa Nostra at a soccer field in Cali, Colombia will literally blow your mind.

Executive Producer Keith Barrows of 360 Studios and Montalvo Media has signed an option agreement to make the film. The book is available anywhere books are sold.   -30-

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