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Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way, by Ron Mumford Press release

May 6, 2012

Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way, by Ron Mumford

(Christian Non-Fiction)

(Houston, TX/Wales, U.K.) We’ve all tried finding our soul mate our way. With a national divorce rate of over 50% we may need a little help. As always, the Bible is a great place to get wisdom and discernment on any subject, especially in choosing our life long mates.

Dr. McKinley, former teaching pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, gave some stats on marriage and divorce from reputable sources. He stated:

“Divorce rates from people who live together before marriage are about 68%. Divorce rates of people married in a marriage chapel or Justice of the Peace office are about 58%. For people married in a church, the divorce rate is the national average of around 53%. However, married couples who pray together daily had a divorce rate of around 5% and married couples who read their Bibles together daily had a divorce rate of less than 1%.”

Powerful statistics! Before writing this book, Mumford, an un-ordained, middle-aged singles teacher of about 175 people from the Dallas/Fort Worth metro-plex, most of whom were divorced, and after teaching every singles course available by very note-worthy professionals, concluded that none of the courses teach a person how to find their soul mates. He read many books on the subject and further concluded they were lacking direction.

He sent emails to 800 people asking them to tell about their soul mate experience. There were a few beautiful stories but most were heartbreaking. He wrote what he got in the emails. Some good, some bad, but all were true life relationships written with gut-wrenching honesty. There are over 60 scriptures in the book along with a teaching guide at the end of each chapter. According to God’s Holy Word…you will know your soul mate if you trust and wait on Him.

A memorable quote from an attractive, 30-something, recently divorced lady was, “I know what mistakes I made in my first marriage. I’ll find my next soul mate My way…God takes too long!” You may want to get a copy of this book for yourself or for a friend losing hope in relationships. Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way has the answers you seek.

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