April 11, 2018

Crown Hunt, by R.M. Morgan

(A Harriett Roth and Don Gannon Murder/Mystery Series)

(Houston, TX/Wales, U.K.) In the Korean War, four young S. Korean soldiers were dodging a massive mortar attack by their adversaries. One mortar round landed near them and blew a huge hole in the ground exposing the ancient Silla Dynasty crown jewels which had been buried for centuries. The four soldiers desert the army, absconded with the stolen treasure

 and take their wealth to America.

Fifty years later, a sadistic villain kills one of the four soldiers, after torturing him to reveal the location of the treasure in America, steals the massive treasure and disappears without a trace. If a thief steals a treasure you stole, how do you get it back? You hire the Harriett Roth P.I. Agency since you cannot go to law enforcement for satisfaction.

The Logline is: China Town (Jack Nicholson) meets Three Kings (George Clooney).

After reading Crown Hunt, Publisher Ron Mumford said, “Morgan is likened to a modern-day Mickey Spillane. I never would have guessed the ending until the last page…and I’ve read a murder/mystery novel or two.”

Author, Morgan, who worked as an investigative engineer for both U.S. government and academia, investigated mysteries like a detective, unraveling the physics of car crashes and other engineering phenomena assigned to him. He said, “I now write for the reader’s delight. The perfect read entails curling up in a comfortable chair with a mystery, solving a puzzle, identifying and running down a cunning villain. A good mystery challenges the reader: Can they solve the enigma before the detective?”

Crown Hunt has been optioned for film rights by Executive Producer Keith Barrows with 360 Studios/Montalvo Media. The book is available anywhere books are sold. Check out other Harriett Roth murder/mysteries at www.rmmorgan.com or at www.3rdCoastBooks.com .