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Beyond Love Trauma, by Paul A. Wagner, Ph.D. press release

BJune 16, 2019

Beyond Love Trauma, by Paul A. Wagner, Ph.D.

(Divorce Recovery, Non-fiction)

(Houston, TX/Wales, U.K.) Beyond Love Trauma, has been voted a Finalist in the prestigious International Book Awards. It is about recovering after a divorce and starting over.

Discover the Three Intimacies and How They Work Together.

So you’re truly over your divorce? You’ve fought the furies, you’ve escaped that feeling of being kept in limbo, you’ve learned to live alone, and you have been through what we call Love Trauma. Now you’re ready for Beyond Love Trauma. In this new second book of Wagner’s Love Trauma series, he insists on the maxim “Know Thyself.” If you’re ready to move into a new relationship, this is your mantra. You can’t become the ultimate “catch” if you don’t know yourself.

Perhaps the most useful part of Beyond Love Trauma is Wagner’s description of the three intimacies: •sexual, •intellectual, and •emotional.

As Wagner argues, all three are necessary for a romance to achieve, finally, what he describes as the ultimate relationship, one of “erotic love.”

To be afraid to be alone is not a good reason to marry. And marriage—or any romantic relationship—is not a place to think “What’s in it for me?” A committed marriage requires an attitude of “How can we pursue a long-term goal?” what Wagner calls a “life commitment.”

From an in-depth discussion on places to meet others to attacking the “ideal” that divorcees set up for themselves, the second book takes a hard look at the ways in which men and women sabotage their efforts to “get back into the game.”

He urges divorcees to take their time moving forward, establish trust and respect, before leaping into marriage or another relationship. Beyond Love Trauma is a book which will set you free to negotiate the effects of Love Trauma.

Paul A. Wagner is a Ph.D., University of Missouri. He has taught courses in psychology, business management, philosophy, and education. He has held a number of senior level positions in national academic and scholarly organizations. He has also held positions on a number of Boards of Director in various organizations within the city of Houston and as Vice Chair of the City of Columbia’s Human Rights Commission.

He is a specialist in practical and applied ethics and moral theory. He himself has been a divorcee. He also has a long period of dating experiences going back to his class president days in college.

He has written popular pieces on romance in the Austin American Statesman and The Dallas Morning News. He is the author of five books and over 100 publications ranging from philosophy and religion to the business of healthcare, probability, cognition, organizational development, learning theory, and the conditions for being a moral person. Once, as a result of volunteering by pushing a book cart around M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, he wrote a piece describing the romantic moments some patients experience as they cope with cancer while others realize they have no reliable companion at the end.

He has had the opportunity to avail himself of the resources of a variety of social circles and in each he learned what he could about people’s attitude towards marriage, divorce, dating, and responsibilities regarding child-rearing.

Beyond Love Trauma is available on Amazon and most anywhere books are sold. For more information, go to .

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