Beyond Love Trauma (Book 2) Documentary(VOLUME 1)

by Dr. Paul A. Wagner

Logline: A Hand Book for the Divorced!

*Finalist in the prestigious International Book Awards.*

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self Help, Relationships, Marriage & Divorce.

Navigating the After Divorce middle and upper class world of singles, ages 25-58. Discover the Three Intimacies and How they work together. Experience the wisdom of active adult singles as they talk about dating…from locker rooms to beauty parlors to dinners with friends and late-night sharing. Trying to start over with new relationships.
Bases on over 1,000 interviews/counseling sessions with Dr. Paul Wagner, where men and women share what they want in an ideal life partner. Who should consider re-marriage and who should not?

Chapters include:

  • The Web of Who You Are
  • Where to find dates
  • The Ideal Man, What Women Want in a Man
  • The Ideal Woman, What Men want in a Woman
  • The Point of Courtship
  • What is a “Good” Date?
  • From Romance to Love: The Real Deal