An interesting question is, how can one publisher be unique competing against myriad self-publishing, hybrid publishing or traditional publishing entities?

Answer: By breaking all the rules, giving authors more for less (the definition of “value”) and adapting to the current market conditions.

Another question, “How does 3rd Coast Books adapt to current market conditions?”

Answer: A little over a year ago, with as much hard marketing as we did on social media, our staff realized that “this isn’t working, we’re not selling our authors’ books!” We re-grouped after much discussion and came up with new “out-of-the-box” marketing plans.

  • Use outside book marketers with hundreds of thousands of Twitter, FB, LinkedIn followers.
  • Put out News Releases to over 200 major newspaper book critics and other literary publications. News Releases on author book awards and producer development agreements for Film/TV production.
  • Inclusive in our package pricing, create professional 30-second video book trailers on each book we publish. Share this trailer with the author and blast out on social media.
  • Link all of 3rd Coast Books marketing to our social media feeds, increasing our own following.
  • Create a list of over 800 Film/TV personal emails worldwide to pitch books to producers for future Film/TV deals and market the daylights out of each agreement and future air dates with large Film/TV distributors such as Netflix, History Channel, A&E, FX, HULU, Nat Geo, HBO, etc. Movies sell books!
  • Assisting our authors to produce effective Screen Treatments (Not Screen Plays which can be easily rejected) and registering them with WGAW (Writers Guild of America West in L.A.) with tantalizing Log Lines to pique the interest of Producers. (A future blog topic.)
  • Opening up a new 3rd Coast Books office in Wales, UK, and bringing on Ian W. Gorman as Associate Publisher (see bio on our website, to engage the European book, Film/TV market all over the world including Bollywood in India.
  • Working with associates to make our authors Best-Selling authors through genre and search identification algorithms on Amazon.

3rd Coast
Books publisher, Ron Mumford, is also an author and a former literary agent who
pitched books and screenplays to all the Big 5 Publishers in Lower Manhattan
and Creative Directors in Hollywood. He knows the ropes, he knows the barriers
to entry and puts his authors ahead of himself to create best sellers. Our
staff is “all in” for our authors. We actually market our authors’ books
worldwide.  And, our cost with all the
above inclusive is less than one-third of what other hybrid publishers charge.
That alone makes us unique!

Is our new out-of-the-box marketing plan working? We can’t wait to tell you in a future blog. Stay tuned!

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