Z-Gen by Ron Mumford

Genre: Religious – Christian, Fantasy, Paranormal

Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno comes closest to describing the events of this war. Dante’s book went down into the bowels of the earth. Z-Gen goes up!

Twenty years after Hank Hawkins’ warrior death in Betwixt, and the births of Billy Wayne Tyler, Abby and Wayne’s son, and Johnny Hank Hawkins, Hank’s son, life in Clear Lake has settled down. When Billy Wayne miraculously heals a young boy, the former nightclub becomes Miracle Church withGordon, Wayne’s Angel, watching over.

When Abby and Liz gave birth to their sons, Dr. Helle Guyion, the most evil woman in the world, also gave birth to her son. Helel carries a Hebrew name for “the morning star,” the same as a proud, rebellious archangel, Lucifer. Helel secretly studies at Satan’s feet for five years, gaining superior knowledge in every subject known to mankind plus powers which no one has seen since Jesus Christ walked the earth. Helel is the Son of Perdition prophesied in the Bible, the anti-Christ.

Helel meets with the Russian, Chinese, N. Korean, and Iranian heads of state. He offers One World Government, for sale to the highest bidder and performs special “miracles” before the powerful men. The Axis powers are born. When Helel tells them about a super, missing ingredient, searched for by scientists for decades, which can destroy everything, the Axis powers finally see their way to eliminate the U.S. After Helel survives a hypersonic blast, they realize he could use his powers against them.

On a special day in Clear Lake, the miracle maker, Billy Wayne, the hellfire minister, Johnny Hank, and son of Satanic power, Helel, finally meet … and all hell erupts.

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