3rd Coast Books’ Ron Mumford (top middle) explains how his independent publishing company secured a movie deal with Montalvo Media/360 Studios for False Awakening by author Arianna Fox (top left).

Landing a movie deal for a novel is a highly-coveted achievement for both publishers and authors, so when IBPA member 3rd Coast Books shared with IBPA that they had secured a movie deal for their book, False Awakening by Arianna Fox, IBPA thought a Member Spotlight article would be a great way to not only celebrate 3rd Coast Books’ accomplishment but to also give insight to other publishers and authors about how a film deal can happen. IBPA spoke to 3rd Coast Books, USA Publisher/Author Ron Mumford for all the details!

IBPA: Congrats on landing a movie deal with Montalvo Media/360 Studios for False Awakening. How did this achievement come to be?

Ron Mumford (RM): Getting a movie deal signed can be a very challenging experience and drawn-out process for an author and publisher.

About three years ago, our partner team made a decision to redirect our operating philosophy and focus. Really it was all based on what, upon reflection, was a simple observation, Books sell movies and movies sell books. The real question was, “How do we get our books turned into movies?”

We spent the next few months developing a plan of work that would take nearly two years to complete. The key was that we had to invest serious time to identify those individuals within the movie and TV industries to connect with. We had to identify who they were, what they did, how to contact them, and what sorts of projects they liked to focus on. This takes a lot of time to collect and tabulate. Lots of phone calls need to be made and a fair amount of rejection absorbed…….CONTINUE READING IN IBPA