The Whispering God By Paul A. Wagner, Ph.D. & Jeanene Hanna Wagner

Religious, Spiritual

To hear the feel of God’s whispers, you must be alone with God. In the silence, God whispers the answers you need throughout the seasons of your life. Each season of your life is bound to affect your prayerful sensibilities.

In the spring we are full of innocence. We grasp blindly for truths. In summer, we exhibit comfort and confidence with or without good reason. In the fall, reality becomes real. We notice many changes we overlooked before. We think again about what passed and what is ahead. In winter all becomes much more sobering and the beautiful becomes sublime. Little is taken for granted. Prayer life comes together and life has built our place in God’s plan for all believers.

Do you understand God’s Great Gift, God’s Great Plan for us and God’s Great Promise to all? You could begin to, if you stop to listen to the Whispering God.

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