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“The Painting” shows us the Light

Canyon Lake, TX –  We all start out as a blank canvas, the author describes in the forward, but the story turns its focus on Gerald, a young misunderstood soul with a lot to give.  When he is gifted a blank canvas in which to paint anything his heart desires, he creates a magical paradise so perfect; it draws the people into it. In doing so, Gerald realizes the importance of protecting his world, and throughout the stories, he sends his son, Benjamin and even his granddaughter, Nevaeh, into the Painting to help spread his message of love, beauty and goodness.

This story showcases the importance of having people in your lives, appreciating the beauty and majesty of our world, and helping others.  Gerald learns a very valuable life lesson through his Painting, and in doing so, imparts a beautiful gift upon the reader.  This is an amazingly beautiful story that will spark the imagination.

Award Winning Author Kathleen J. Shields has 30 published books – and has plans for many more.  She has brought us the inspirational and educational “Hamilton Troll Adventures” and has been encouraging children to write and follow their dreams for decades.

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Children’s Book Receives Multiple Awards

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