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Mystery in the bowels of the earth

by Yossi Soika

(Houston, Texas, January 8, 2021) We are proud to present the first book in Yossi Soika’s exciting series about the hidden history of the Jewish people. This fictional history is wrapped inside the adventures of a pair of American high school students visiting Jerusalem in 1968. Dan and Sue accompany Dan’s father on a trip to Israel where he is attending a conference on solar power research. Left to their own devices, the teenagers begin to explore Jerusalem where they stumble across a tattered yet indestructible book that holds a clue to a mystery some 2,700 years old, a Mystery in the Bowels of the Earth.

This story is an exciting voyage of discovery for the teenage couple on the cusp of adulthood; it is a time to be both inquisitive and responsible; to take on a challenge and face danger; to enter into a world unknown. What will they discover and could it lead to a change in human consciousness?

Yossi Soika weavers a rich tapestry involving colorful characters from the varied ancient communities still resident in Jerusalem, a city that was undergoing rapid modernization, together with the disappearance, from the historical record, of the ten ‘lost’ tribes exiled from the northern kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians in 722 BC. Further enriching the story is the mysterious Arthur D’Acosta, a Spaniard whose family hides its own origin a secret, and his journey to India and the Karakoram Mountains of Afganistan to visit a remote monastery to further his research.
3rd Coast Books’ Associate Publisher and Editor Ian Gorman said “When I first reviewed Yossi’s manuscript I was captivated by the subject matter, the fate of the lost tribes of Israel, due to my longstanding interests in ancient history, migrations, and anthropology. It was fascinating to see how Yossi has crafted an explanation, although entirely fictional, to one of history’s greatest mysteries that also includes an array of accepted historical information. Additionally, the story introduces elements that question the greater purpose of mankind.”

Yossi tells us, “This the first of a series of books that I have been working on for many years. They are inspired by the dreams I had as a young boy newly arrived in Israel and living in primitive conditions, but with unbounded hope for the future. I knew I had arrived home but wondered what had been the fate of others who had been forcibly taken away. My second book is complete and I now work on the third. I would like to thank Naama Miron (Asher) for translating from my native Hebrew into English and finally Ian Gorman for editing the translation. My hope is that you enjoy my work and embrace its message of hope for humanity.”

3rd Coast Books will promote Mystery in the Bowels of the Earth to executive producers in the Movie industry for adaptation into a feature film. We doubt seriously that a story this unique and thought-provoking will be on the table for very long and invite inquiries from interested parties.

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About the Author, Yossi Soika

Yossi Soika lives in Israel where he is an author, wood-carver, sculptor, and former gymnast. As a young man, Yossi spent a year in the United States of America and studied electrical engineering. Beginning his career as an electrical engineering consultant, he was involved in and managed the construction of multiple factory complexes across Israel.

He was born a year after the end of World War II when his parents made their way from Russia to an immigrant camp in Germany. Two and a half years later their journey led them to Israel. From the age of four, he has carried with him the first memories of the neighborhood of small huts in Afula. That desolated hut neighborhood amidst the fields nourished him with the entire materials for the dreams that attend him to this day.

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