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Movie Deal: “Putin’s Useful Idiot”, by Kenyon Kane

“The Accountant” meets “The Spy Who Loved Me”

(Houston, TX, May 18, 2020) Recently 3rd Coast Books publisher, Ron Mumford, sent a video trailer and pitched their latest action/thriller publication, Putin’s Useful Idiot by Author Kenyon Kane to Keith Barrows, Executive Producer of Montalvo Media and 360 Studios. After careful review, Mr. Barrows, in Los Angeles, answered with three words, “Let’s Do It!”

With contracts signed, all parties are moving forward with development and production to bring this action/spy thriller to the silver screen.

A dramatization of a true story, Putin’s Useful Idiot has everything that keeps a reader glued to its pages: treachery, suspense, murder attempts, honeypot Russian prostitutes, radioactive shoe polish, and even the most unlikely romance imaginable.

It’s Putin’s side of Moscow in 1984, when Moscow was fresh to Americans, and alluring; our culture met their culture, and a romance of cultures began. Then it got personal, from new comrades to new lovers, each of them wounded in their own way by their past. Moscow was a dangerous city in 1984! Powerful men were losing their livelihoods and murder was a common business practice. And of course, the KGB still used the “hammer” therapy back then to get the information they wanted.

Story Line: Richard Hart, a “Jack Ryan” type, lands at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in 1984 on a hazardous duty project he didn’t want. He carries with him a file folder, a map of Moscow missing most of the street names, five ten-dollar bills (probably dyed with invisible ink) and an American Express card in his name but paid for by someone else. Just an “independent businessman,” Hart must close a real estate transaction with the KGB, rig the transaction to produce enough “black money” to bribe KGB hard-liners to retire, and get out alive. And the only person he has to rely on is Colonel Putin, but can he? Or is he just Putin’s Useful Idiot?

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About Author, Kenyon Kane                                    

Contact Information: [email protected], 646-506-8662

Over his career, Kenyon Kane worked as an associate attorney for two US Cabinet Secretaries. For more than twenty years, Kenyon’s projects took him overseas, and his assignments focused on the most troubled areas of the world including the Soviet Union, Grenada, and Yugoslavia, among other hotspots. He studied dramatic theory under the tutelage of Robert E. Lee, an award-winning playwright and screenwriter (Inherit the Wind). Most recently, Kenyon authored Putin’s Useful Idiot, a fictionalization of his project in Moscow in 1984. His next literary piece, Blunt, publishes soon in Noir Nation, Issue #10, an international literary magazine available in softcover, print distribution and on Kindle. Currently Kenyon is working on Belfast Brothers, a sequel to Putin’s Useful Idiot, and the prequel, NFL Eagles—Crime-ball, both reserved for publication by 3rd Coast Books.