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“Putin’s Useful Idiot” by Kenyon Kane

(Houston, TX, July 27, 2020)  First-time author Kenyon Kane’s book, Putin’s Useful Idiot, has been recognized as a Finalist in the prestigious International Book Awards for 2020 in the category Fiction: Thriller/Adventure.

The story begins in November 1984 when Richard Hart lands at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on a hazardous mission he didn’t want. He carries with him a dossier he doesn’t have the security clearance to open, a map of Moscow missing most of the street names, five ten-dollar bills dyed with invisible ink, and an American Express card. Acting as an independent businessman, Hart must close a real estate transaction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and the KGB, rig the transaction to produce enough “black money” to bribe KGB hard-liners to retire and then get out alive. A forbidden love affair and direct dealings with Colonel Putin are described in detail.

Keith Barrows, Executive Producer at Montalvo Media/360 Studios, has signed a movie deal with the author and 3rd Coast Books with plans to begin production in 2022.

“I am so honored to be chosen as a finalist in the International Book Awards,” said author Kenyon Kane. “Thanks go out to Ian Gorman, my extra-talented editor, and Ron Mumford, Publisher at 3rd Coast Books, for their amazing contributions to Putin’s Useful Idiot.”

Publisher, Ron Mumford said, “While reading the original manuscript of this spy/thriller, we couldn’t wait to see how it ended and if the hero made it out of Russia with his life. Editor, Ian Gorman added a logline for the book, The Accountant (Ben Affleck) meets The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond – Roger Moore) that caught the attention of Keith Barrows. We can’t wait to read book two by Kenyon Kane entitled, Belfast Brothers, also based on true stories and due for release in 2021.”

3rd Coast Associate Publisher, Ian Gorman added, “I was extremely pleased to hear Putin’s Useful Idiot has been recognized as a Finalist in the International Book Awards. The first time I read Kenyon’s submission outline I knew 3rd Coast Books had to act quickly to secure such a talented author and captivating story that is unique in so many aspects. I enjoyed editing such an intricate and detailed manuscript and appreciated working with a true professional. Putin’s Useful Idiot deserves further recognition and I look forward to its development into a blockbuster movie.”

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About the Author, Kenyon Kane

Kenyon Kane grew up in the San Fernando Valley north of Los Angeles before there were freeways. Born on a citrus farm, from these humble beginnings, he made his way into UCLA and on to its Law School, and wound-up working for two US Cabinet Secretaries.

Over his career, Kenyon focused on a particular type of offshore real estate transaction involving foreign entities, and he did these transactions in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Grenada, Panama, the Gaza Strip, and Northern Ireland.

Kenyon’s next novel, Belfast Brothers, discloses Richard Hart’s assignment to Northern Ireland. There his black money was slated for members of nationalist paramilitaries.



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