Gray Justice

by Ron Mumford

Logline: Dirty Harry teams with The Godfather to bend the law around Scarface. (Ends drugs, organized crime, drains the Swamp)

Genre: Fiction: Action Thriller, Courtroom Drama.

The impossible goal of Judd Rayburn, El Paso assistant district attorney, and his best friend, Zuni Indian special F.B.I. agent Joe Feather, is to win the war against the Colombian/Mexican drug cartels who supply the drugs crossing the Mexico border with the US.

After a huge, well planned drug bust at the Mexico border with members of the El Paso Police, DEA, ATF and Texas Rangers goes horrifically wrong, Judd and Joe begin to take the law into their own hands.

Enter Rikki Rhine, Navy fighter pilot and first female Top Gun winner, who just happens to be the former college flame of Judd Rayburn. She’s smart, pretty and daring. Together Rikki and Judd form their own jury. Through unforeseen circumstance, they meet the head of all twenty-three families of the U.S. based La Cosa Nostra, and actually find some common ground. It’s all about the money. Billions of dollars are involved in this high-stakes game of power, greed, deception and seemingly unfair justice. Whatever it takes to win.

Secret and forbidden romances abound in this international thriller. The cartel’s actions are beyond grievous, they’re heinous. The court room drama and unique solution to the problem of drugs in America will astound you. Can a form of Gray Justice legitimize organized crime in America and end the drug problem? And, as a side issue, clean up “The Swamp” in Washington, D.C.?

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