Canyon Lake, TX – Award-winning author, Kathleen J. Shields, releases her latest Hamilton Troll book with the objective of teaching children the value and love of finding fossils, traveling to local dinosaur museums and dreaming about those magnificent creatures from time past.

Having stumbled across a treasure trove of the “Texas Shell Fossils” (Gastropods, commonly known as fossilized snail shells) on her property, Shields ventured to her local Dinosaur Museum, The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country, in hopes of learning more. While there, she discovered amazing dinosaur footprints that ignited the spark of creativity, again.

In this story, Hamilton Troll finds a fossil. He goes on a field trip to a dinosaur museum with the help of the Beaver Brothers, and then has a vivid dream about meeting those dinosaurs. He learns about herbivores, carnivores and how they hatched from eggs.

These books are currently available for sale at the Heritage Museum with a portion of the proceeds being donated so the museum can keep doing their fabulous work of education and conservation.