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September 23, 2020

Film Agreement – “False Awakening” by Arianna Fox

13 YO Prodigy is a Best Seller & Future Star

(Houston, Texas) 3rd Coast Books, LLC, proudly announces it has signed a Pre-Production Movie contract with Montalvo Media/360 Studios’ Executive Producer Keith Barrows for 13-year-old child prodigy Arianna Fox’s Best Selling Sci-Fi/Thriller book, False Awakening. Production on the film will begin on or before March 2022.

Executive Producer, Keith Barrows, commented, “Montalvo Media and 360 Studios are excited to have signed a movie contract with 3rd Coast Books on a fantastic fantasy action thriller titled False Awakening, written and conceived by the 13-year-old prodigy author Arianna Fox. The screenplay is in development as we speak to be written and adapted by Jeff Gress alongside Arianna. We will also be utilizing the international team of Montalvo Digital Studios, London Digital Studios, and Morgan International with Fred DeWysocky of Fantastic Films International handling Domestic and International Sales.”

“I’m so excited about this fantastic release of False Awakening. The entire process of this book has been absolutely incredible and I loved working with Ron Mumford and Ian Gorman with 3rd Coast Books for the editing and publishing process. I want to thank my amazing parents who always love me and support me, for the friends that helped me along the way, and for all my readers that went on this sci-fi adventure with me. Thank you to Jean Russo, my speaking and literary agent, and all of those that made this dream inside of a dream a reality. This is going to be one amazing ride. You Rock, Dream Big, and You Got This!” said Arianna.

Arianna’s parents, Mike and Trisha added, “We as parents are so amazed at the realization that our daughter’s book, False Awakening, is being transformed from book to movie! We are over the moon excited to see our daughter’s dream become a reality. Our hearts are more than grateful for the collaboration of the talented teams of Ron & Ian from 3rd Coast Books and Keith Barrows, Executive Producer at Montalvo Media/360 Studios in bringing this book to life.”

Screenwriter for Montalvo Media/360 Studios, Jeff Gress exclaimed, “I can honestly say Arianna Fox is an amazing writer whom I’m thrilled to be working with! I only wish I could have written like that at her age. I’m already at work writing the screenplay for the film and having a blast with it.”

U.K. Associate Publisher and Editor with 3rd Coast Books, Ian Gorman weighed in, “It is a pleasure to work with Arianna; she displays levels of maturity and professionalism far exceeding her 13 years. I look forward to seeing her next novel Sabre Black and to watch her future development as she continues on her journey as an author.”

A final comment from Ron Mumford, Publisher, “When 3rd Coast Books’ editors read Arianna’s manuscript it screamed of “child-prodigy!” The way she managed her characters in three dimensions – a dream within a dream within a dream – would have challenged the most experienced writer. She did that at 12 years of age. Stay tuned to see the amazing career of Arianna Fox take off from writer to author to Best Seller to the silver screen. Congrats, Ari!”

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Arianna M. Fox is a 13-year-old motivational and inspirational speaker, award-winning author, girl entrepreneur (also known as a girlpreneur), actress, voice-over talent, and teen influencer.

Known across the USA as a little ball of joy and energy, Arianna Fox may come in a small package, but her ideas are as revolutionary as they are wide-reaching. For several years now, Arianna has devoted her life and much of her time to reaching out to others to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and self-confidence. Making a positive impact upon others and helping them rock their lives to maximum potential is part of this upcoming kidpreneur’s goal for her interactions with kids, her fellow tweens, teens, adults, and all.  

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