False Awakening

by Arianna Fox

Logline: The Matrix (Keanu Reeves) meets Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio) Is it a Dream or Reality?

Genre:Young Adult Fantasy, Fiction

“To the world it will be a surprise

How a smart man will succeed and rise

And you must stop him at all cost

Or hope will eternally be lost.

He wants a new world – his very own

When his company has fully grown.”

Chris Coleman, a man, trapped in a dream within a dream within a dream. Erik Kane, CEO of New World Corp. and politician seeking world domination. Taryn Johnson, a Rebellion soldier dedicated to protecting the world from Kane’s insidious plan. Will Chris, Taryn, and the Rebellion stop Erik Kane? Does Chris have the ability to manipulate his dream world, help the Rebellion, and save the real world? Or will Kane fulfill his ultimate plan to overtake humanity and cause utter chaos and destruction?

As the lines blur between dreams and realities, how will you know what’s real and what’s not?

Join the Rebellion as they journey through multiple realities, travel through mind-bending dreams, encounter close calls, twists, and turns, and experience false awakenings.

Written by Girlpreneur sensation Arianna Fox at the age of 12. Originally self-published but now re-edited and republished by 3rd Coast Books. Arianna is working on her next release Sabre Black, a YA fantasy novel about a teenage winged girl who must choose between good and evil.