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Children’s Book Receives Multiple Awards

Canyon Lake, TX –  The First Unibear is a children’s book decades in the making, according to author Kathleen J. Shields, who wrote the premise of this story when she was only ten years old. With a love of unicorns and Care Bears, Shields’ imagined a way for bears, and other animals, to receive the magic of a unicorn horn, and all they need to do is be good and pay it forward. This multi-award-winning book ignites the imagination, encourages children to help others and gets the conversation started on what it is to have a pure heart.

“Parents who choose this inviting fantasy story for kids will be able to not only embellish the rhymes and enjoy the colorful forest animals, but can explain the bear’s discoveries, dilemmas, and choices as well as the special form of magic which evolves when the tables are turned. Lessons about kindness, giving, rewards, sharing magic, and appreciating spiritual components in life abound…” Midwest Book Review Excerpt

“Kathleen Shields’s The First Unibear is a wonderful children’s adventure story that promotes kindness, bravery, and faith in the goodness of others. The illustrations are done by Aashay Utkarsh and they are vibrant and captivating for young readers. The story flows with a rhyme scheme that is catchy and perfect for reading to children. The First Unibear is a great, imaginative children’s story that encourages compassion and helpfulness to others and the belief that we can all achieve goodness. The First Unibear is an inspirational tale that would be a great addition to any child’s library.” Readers Favorite Book review Excerpt

The 2021 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner for
Best Book in the Category of Children’s Christian

“A superbly illustrated picture book with a strong message of kindness.
A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended!” The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Award Winning Author Kathleen J. Shields has 30 published books – and has plans for many more.  She has brought us the highly educational “Hamilton Troll Adventures”, the inspirational “Painting Trilogy” and has been encouraging children to write and follow their dreams for decades. These award-winning stories are designed to help the reader appreciate the beauty of the world, do good for others and be a kind person.

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