Kathleen J. Shields is a prolific writer of multiple genres and has won numerous awards and recognition for her work. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, an only child, Shields’ developed a very active imagination in order to keep herself entertained. This imagination has helped her in every aspect of her adult life. Flash forward a few decades, and you will find a tenacious woman with a can-do attitude, determined to keep her mind open to learn new things, think out of the box, and accomplish set goals. Having attended the ‘School of Hard Knox’ Shields’ studied and trained herself in graphic design, website creation, being an author, editor and publisher. Kathleen’s motto is: If I don’t know it, I will learn it and/or figure it out. With more than 30 published books, Shields’ is using that imagination, creativity, hard work, decades of learned experience, and a desire within, to help your book become a child’s next favorite.