Betwixt: Book 2 of Wayne’s Angel Trilogy

by Ron Mumford

Logline: Wayne’s Angel on steroids! Demonic supernatural explodes on Mount Siphon, where demons hang out. Introduction of Dr. Helle Guyion, the most evil woman on the planet who literally unleashes Pandora’s Box.

Genre: Mainstream Contemporary Christian fantasy written from the point of view of a non‐believer. Unique: Pits human souls against satanic demons in another dimension.

Betwixt, the second book of the Wayne’s Angel trilogy, can best be described as Wayne’s Angel on Steroids! More supernatural, greater battles and the introduction of Dr. Helle Guyion, the most evil woman in the entire world. Her powers are beyond this earth as she begins to shape, manipulate and deceive our characters.
There is an modern day introduction of Pandora’s Box that defies the intellect of the world’s greatest scientists. It contains visions of the future displaying unknown formulas and a “dooms-day” bomb with a missing ingredient, causing nations to scurry for world dominance.
There are more unexplainable phenomena that leave Wayne Tyler, wife Abby, Daddy Hank, Robbie and Bella Cantrell in complete awe. As usual, Mr. Elroy, A.K.A. Gordon, Wayne’s angel , is present to calm their fears. And who is this new lady, Liz, that makes Daddy Hank’s world stand still?

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