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3rd Coast Books, LLC Opens New Office in Wales, U.K.

Breaks all the Rules to Promote Unknown Authors to Film/TV Producers

 (Montgomery, TX/Cardiff, Wales, U.K.)–3rd Coast Books, LLC, a Texas Hybrid book publisher and member of the Independent Book Publishers Assn. (IBPA) has opened a new office in Wales, U.K. and proudly appoints Ian Gorman as new Associate Publisher. Ian will head the office in Wales and will cover Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He can be contacted at [email protected]. You can see his headshot and bio on our website:

 “U.K. producers and film makers are super-active in bringing new content to the Film/TV market through distributors such as Netflix, HBO, History Channel, Hulu, Sky, iTV, A&E and many others that are competing for new content and great stories from astute authors,” said 3rd Coast Books Publisher, Ron Mumford. “We have broken all the barriers to entry for new authors to realize their dream of having their stories placed on the silver screens as either feature films or scripted/un-scripted documentaries. We have legal staff to negotiate agreements.”

 Mumford was a former literary agent promoting books to the big 5 publishers in New York and to Hollywood producers. “The barriers to entry for new authors is overwhelming, so we decided to break all the rules and do registered Screen Treatments of our authors’ books with Writers Guild of America West and place them on our website for any and all producers, directors and development people in the industry to see. Yes, we got the standard responses, ‘We do not take un-solicited works…’ and we also got tremendous responses from Indie producerssaying, ‘I want the rights to this book, let’s make a deal.'”

 Success on placing our first book, a narrative non-fiction entitled Have You Seen A Dark-Haired Man with Burning Eyes?, by author Henya Shanun-Klein, Ph.D. took eight weeks to sign a first Agreement of exclusivity with a well-know New York producer with an established list of credits. All of our books and screen treatments are available on our website. Call or email us if interested.

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