***For Immediate News Release***

January 23, 2020

World Wide Holocaust Memorial Day Celebration Day

“Have You Seen a Dark-Haired Man with Burning Eyes?

An Odyssey of Faith and Love”

by Henya Shanun-Klein, Ph.D.

(Montgomery, Texas/Israel) As countries around the globe recognize and celebrate the World Wide Holocaust Memorial Day Celebration on January 27, 2020, a true story emerges about a poor, newly married, beautiful Jewish woman whose husband was suddenly conscripted and taken away to an unknown Soviet Red Army work camp during World War II.

Alone, hungry, with only the clothes on her back, Adel began an epic journey that took five years to search for her husband. The journey began in Poland and took Adel to Manchuria, Siberia, to Kamchatka and back. During the 20,000 km journey, Adel slept in the freezing snow of forests, illegally boarded Russian trains heading East and parried the advances of lawless men along the way. She got information from people in various small villages of any Soviet gulags (Labor Camps) in their vicinity to direct her path and would ask villagers, “Have you seen a dark- haired man with burning eyes?” describing her husband, Itchale.

A Development Agreement has been signed on Dr. Klein’s book for production with a prolific producer in New York with many credits. Aire dates will be announced in later news releases.

A very intellectual beta reader for 3rd Coast Books said this, “I have never read an accounting, either fiction or non-fiction, of a story that exemplified the courage and strength of a woman like Adel. This narrative non-fiction book instantly melted my heart and breached the very boundaries of my soul. It is an inspiration of love and faith to all women.” Karen C.

Publisher Ron Mumford stated, “This story is a first-class passenger on the same plane as Schindler’s List and a must-read.” The log line that was presented to producers: Fiddler on the Roof meets Dr. Zhivago.

Henya Shanun-Klein, Ph.D., psychology and registered Thanatologist, is the only surviving child of Adel and Itchale. She lives in Israel but spent 30 years in the U.S. as a practicing psychologist. Two of her siblings died of malnutrition and disease during the ordeal of her parents. In doing her research, Henya interviewed her mother Adel for years collecting notes and recollections of her mother’s journey. Later, Henya went to Poland and by plane, train and auto traced the route of her mother’s 20,000 km trek to gain insight for the book.

Published by 3rd Coast Books, LLC, Dr. Klein’s book is available on Amazon.

The Screen Treatment/synopsis is available to all viewers at www.3rdCoastBooks.com.