Available to Authors and Indie Publishers

Choose A Plan That Works For You!

We know it’s complicated world with Social Media, Websites and trying to get an audience, so why not just let us help you with your Online marketing?


  1. Your book must be on Amazon (Printed & eBook)
  2. Your book must be on Amazon (Printed & eBook)
  3. Send us ASIN and ISBN numbers of the book to be marketed
  4. We must know if you have at least 5 “4 Star” Reviews (if not, we can help in this area when we market to book reviewers/bloggers.)
  5. You must be available to change pricing on your books as this is a very important part of the marketing process. We will communicate dates of price changes by email to the author or publisher.
  6. We prefer that your book has had a professional edit. Bad editing can result in a 1-2 Star rating drop by reviewers and book bloggers.
  7. We will need a link to your Amazon Printed book and ebook.
  8. We do not market Erotica, Porn or Hate Books. Other genres okay.
  9. We need a short, 1-4 sentence synopsis of your book and the Genre it is in.
  10. We do not require a printed copy or ebook download of your book.