Q & A

How does 3rd Coast Books work?

 3rd Coast Books does not publish everything submitted. At 3rd Coast Books, we request that your manuscript be thoroughly edited prior to submission. That doesn’t mean that Aunt Effie, who teaches fifth grade, is your primary editor. Just as you don’t want to publish something that is sub-par, 3rd Coast Books doesn’t either. So treat your foray into publishing as a business and pay someone to do a professional editing job for you.

Once your manuscript is in our hands 3rd Coast Books takes over and does the following:

  • Our Review will evaluate the quality of the content of your manuscript. If they think the content needs more work, getting that work done is up to you and/or a editorial professional.
  • Once your book project has passed our Review Board and you have signed our publishing contract, the book will be thoroughly edited for grammar.
  • Once we have a finalized manuscript, the book goes into production. We will produce hard copy, perfect bound books and ebooks from your manuscript.
  • We design your cover and, with your input, create an identity for your title.
  • We coach the author about the new book marketing model utilizing social media.

How much will it cost me to work with 3rd Coast Books?

 We have set prices for fiction and nonfiction titles under 100,000 words. (U.S. dollars; credit card or PayPal):

  •  Fiction — $2,785.00
  • Nonfiction — $3,085.00


What does that fee include?

The above fee includes a thorough grammar edit once a contract is signed, cover design, formatting the text of the hard copy book and ebook, distribution, and assistance with marketing before work begins on your book/ebook. For a more detailed list of what is included in the publishing packages, please click here.

What am I responsible for other than writing the manuscript?

 You are responsible for getting your text edited before submission to 3rd Coast Books, setting up a website, your social media marketing, the printing of marketing materials, and sending your social media/email list to your contacts.

What profit do I make?

Authors take home 40% of the Royalties paid to 3rd Coast Books from Amazon (unheard of in traditional publishing)

Do I have to buy my own books to sell at signings, book fairs, or at the back of the room?

Yes, but you get 50 hard copies (soft back) of the book as part of the overall package (author is responsible for the freight and it must be paid before the books are ordered). You also get a hefty discount on additional books you can buy to sell. Please note that these books should be ordered at least 6 weeks in advance of when you need them. Below is the breakdown:

  • 50 copies or more carry a 50% discount off retail price
  • Over 250 copies, we will talk about printing an offset run
  • Author must pay freight

How does 3rd Coast Books distribute my books and ebooks?

 We distribute books both nationally and internationally through  Amazon. When over 85% of all books sold go through Amazon, we don’t feel we need to be in other places.

Will my books be in brick and mortar bookstores?

 At 3rd Coast Books, we do not distribute through the main wholesaler to the book industry. Bookstores require returns from the distributors and 3rd Coast Books doesn’t accept returns. However, our books are available to the bookstores through Amazon. We encourage our authors to do book signings at both the independent and chain bookstores; however, more than likely these bookstores will not shelve your books. If someone walks into a bookstore and wants a specific book the store will order it to sell to you.

If an author has ties to a community, these local bookstores could be interested in doing a book signing, but they have to be approached on an individual basis by the author. Just as they will gladly order a book for resell to a shopper, with a book signing they are usually eager to do them because the author will be bringing prospective customers into their stores. When approaching brick & mortar stores, you will need to let them know they can purchase the books through CreateSpace / Amazon.