The principals at 3rd Coast Books have a combined 65 years in book publishing and have seen the business from every conceivable position in the entire publishing process. They have also been witness to radical changes in the publishing industry, some for the better, some not so much. We have always felt that the royalty structure was upside down in that the creator of the book was getting the “short end of the stick”. With this new publishing venture our aim is to rectify that imbalance in the industry.

To get a good handle on any business you have to know where you came from in order to truly grasp where you should be headed in the future.  — Rita Mills

This is a link to the various Genres for which we are seeking submissions. We do not publish 4-color books at this time. We also do not publish erotica or hate topics.




Rita Mills / Ron Mumford — Publisher
Faye Walker — Managing Editor
Mario Rosales — IT Director

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dpp_0537web-sizedRita Mills’ passions are the First Amendment, books, and literacy. From the onset of her introduction to the book publishing business, she has felt the system was arcane and archaic so naturally being a visionary she has strived to facilitate change in book publishing for the last 20 years.

What other industry puts product into the retail market on consignment other than those that recycle clothing and household articles? Then they put the creative genius of that product at the bottom of the food chain. So when Amazon busted the world of book publishing wide open with their innovations in the industry, I was cheering them on.  — Rita Mills

As a book packaging and publishing consultant for 20 years, her business, The Book Connection, always guided her small press clients through the traditional independent publishing (which most called self-publishing) route. Then she attended a retreat with a very smart woman, Pamela Fagan Hutchins, who, through trial and error, had harnessed the “new book marketing model” successfully. And with that new book marketing model in mind, she decided to launch a new publishing house, and 3rd Coast Books was born.

Rita spent 20 years at a major metropolitan newspaper, The Houston Post, leaving in the early ‘90s to become the Managing Editor of Arte Publico Press at the University of Houston. At UH, she managed a half-million dollar yearly book-printing budget and packaged roughly 50-75 new and reworked titles a year. She was instrumental in starting a bi-lingual children’s book imprint, Pinata Books, while there and specializes in packaging children’s picture books.

She left after 4 years and started her own business, The Book Connection, where she consults with independent publishers in proper book-publishing-industry standards and protocol. She has packaged over 600 titles since her years at UH, ranging from paperbacks to hard-cover, and coffee-table books including 2 titles which were companion books for a PBS series.


As Co-Publisher, I am the author advocate of our company. I have self published, been published by small Indie presses and spent a ton of money on well-wishing agents, web site designers and book marketers. No More! Every publisher should have an author with decision making capacity on their staff. I have several books coming out in different genres: Christian Non-Fiction, Fantasy (a trilogy) and an Action-Thriller. I want to see my books and every 3rd Coast author book marketed so both author and publisher receive royalties and recognition.

I was a Journalism major at the University of North Texas, worked for several newspapers and magazines and was later an Combat Correspondent/Combat Photographer in the U.S. Army where I received two Bronze Stars. Writing is in my blood.

Our hybrid charges for a quality book are the lowest in the market. Every penny goes to our Editorial Review Board, Beta Readers, Cover Artists, Editors, Text Flow technicians (we use InDesign for greater inside-the-book quality, ePub technicians, our professional marketing platforms where we choose combinations for greatest mass-marketing to over 50 countries and we give our authors 50 books as part of our packages. I use the same platforms for my books.

I personally call each author before signing to get ideas of their cover design and answer any and all questions that they may have. Send your submissions to us, they will be reviewed and you will have an answer in a short time. We like Amazon Create Space and KDP who own 83% of the book market. Self-Publishing on Amazon, which I have done, just leaves your book among 2.2 million other books. Without mass marketing, there are little or no book sales.



Born on a Northeast farm, educated in the Midwest and South, taught in the winters of Minnesota, Faye Walker seems to have chosen Houston in which to reside. Captured there for thirty years, she writes, edits, and copywrites from her home. Faye graduated from Rice University with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), English Language and Literature/Letters. She started a small publishing house, Little Pemberley Press, in the early 2000’s where she published children’s books.

Faye volunteers her time as an advocate for Child Advocates in Houston. In between editing jobs, she teaches at UH-Downtown, cares for her parrot, Toto, and travels whenever possible.

Scotland is her second home and both novels she’s written (a third is in the works) take place in historical Scotland.



mariorpofileMario Rosales moved to Houston, Texas, at the age of 7 from Matamaros, Mexico. He earned an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design with honors from ITT where he was a member of the Honor Society. He then launched a successful career in Information Technology where he spent 20 years in positions of management, consulting, and risk management. Rosales also participated in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures for companies ranging from small business to Fortune 500 organizations. He was a member of the Systems Architecture Team for the Internet backbone and telecommunications provider Splitrock Services, later purchased by McLeod, USA. He also consulted with Shell Services on various efforts as an infrastructure project manager. Mario was a partner at Gen X PCS until he purchased the business to become its Owner and President in 2006 and has since launched Gen X Media Solutions and his current business of Tech Life Balance.

Mario has worked with Internet technologies professionally since 1992. As a consultant, his team has been instrumental in the design and launch of community websites like Kingwood.com which receives close to 4 million views a month, and TheWoodlandstx.com which has close to a half-million views monthly. He also advises organizations of all sizes in ways to create similar revenue-generating community sites around their industry or area of interest. His work with Tech Life Balance also involves helping professionals focus their social media efforts to reach their target market as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Mario Rosales is an active community leader in Montgomery County with a passion for Hispanic outreach and leadership empowerment. He is co-founder and a current officer of the Texas Latino Leadership Roundtable, past Chair of the Deerwood Project Familia Advisory Committee and past Chair and officer of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber. He has served as Co-Chair of the Fiesta Universal Cinco de Mayo Festival and Chair of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber Scholarship Committee. He is a Montgomery County United Way Board Member, Hispanic Outreach, and served as past Chair of their Marketing Committee consulting them on Social Media Strategic Planning and the design of their organizational website.